By Rishabh Budhia

Idea generation, implementation, and launch is a vital process in any of the new business (entrepreneurship) setting up processes. In the current days with the vast overflow of ideas, there is a need to screen them and achieve a single concrete idea which is only possible with the help of a public review, public interaction and the interest of the investors who play a major role in the financial support of the prototype development and launch of the product.

Keeping this in mind the MSMEs (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari has launched a portal which will facilitate crowdsource public reviews for ideas and innovations submitted by the entrepreneurs. The portal will facilitate venture capital investors to connect with business both on a large and small scale.

Any new Start-up ideas or MSMEs will be able to share their idea on this portal and get the public feedback as well as keen investors which will boost them to improve, innovate and build on their idea. It will also improve the Ease of Doing Business in India. It will also benefit the rural and semi-urban regions where the people having ideas don’t get many opportunities due to a lack of resources.

The user will have to fill a registration form on the online platform which would include details of the area of innovation and sectors were low-key business is focused on. The ideas will be published after being checked by the concerned officer of that sector. Other users can also rate the ideas and also connect with the users having an idea or looking for any investors to fund their idea into a prototype.

With the help of this portal backward areas will get a chance to showcase their knowledge and talent, it will help the farmers in production, planning, marketing, and storage of their yield.

Since the platform is open for ideas from anyone the government has laid guidelines and also cautioned the users as well as the MSMEs to not publish or display ideas that are in awaiting or are in the process of filing a patent.

The portal will create a common platform for entrepreneurs to come together, share their ideas, and work towards their idea development. It will bring like-minded people closer without much hassle and also help prosper the entrepreneur society in India.


As the deadly and demonic novel coronavirus continues to lay its hands-on vast areas and create havoc, the research for its antibody (vaccine) and medical treatment is still in its initial and trial stages. In an attempt to treat the COVID-19 patients’ plasma therapy is being looked at as a potential treatment.

About plasma therapy

In layman terms, plasma therapy means using the antibodies developed in the recovered COVID-19 patients to treat those patients who are in a critical stage. It is believed that once the antibodies are transfused into the blood of the patients it will start targeting and combating with the deadly virus to eradicate it from the patient’s body.

The patient from whom the antibody is being taken should be a recovered COVID-19 patient with no symptoms for a period of at least 14 days after his or her treatment. Once the recovered patient is deemed safe, blood is taken from his body and the liquid part of the blood i.e. plasma is extracted which contains the antibodies to kill the pathogens. The plasma then is circulated in the body of the infected patient which reaches the tissues and provides protection against the virus.

The process of taking out the blood and separating the plasma is done by a machine which consists of a rotating section in between in which the plasma is separated. It is considered a safe and viable process if done with appropriate measures as the machine ensures that there is no human contact and the blood doesn’t touch any other part (metallic part) of the machine as well.

Convalescent plasma therapy useful in treating COVID-19

Although there might be certain risks involved in this like:

  • Transfer of blood substances
  • Effect on the immune system
  • Enhancement of infection if the therapy fails in certain cases.

Overall, it is a therapy that is being tried and tested on the patients and is showing some good signs for the near future. Although this method is still not a foolproof one but seems to be like a ray of hope for the severely infected patients.

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